What's a journey story? (Free Printable!)

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What is a journey story? First, you probably want to know what I mean when I say journey story. A journey story is a significant event or series of events, that makes an impact in your life.  They are the moments that change you.  I might bring you to a realization about yourself or a situation you are in. No matter what, it is a moment that you will never forget.  You reach a point of self discovery that you never experienced before.  In life we’re all on one big journey, but on that road there are significant points that change the direction of our lives.

My journey story includes a need for self-love that I often times tried to hide.  My struggle with self-love was tied into my relationship with my earthly father.  He wasn’t the most positive person. He didn’t instill in me the things I needed to hear from him as a young girl.  Actually a lot of the things he said to me was tearing me down instead of building me up. Being so young, I thought the things that he said were true. So much of your confidence and identity at that age is rooted in your parents.  I internalized it. It was damaging to me on a mental and physical level.  Even though I was going through this, I was blessed with the most amazing mother that countered every negative word spoken to me with positive ones.  She would build me up when he tore me down. She prayed for me. She wanted me to realize the beauty and gifts that God placed inside me.

One day something clicked.  I don’t really know when it happened, but when it did, I began to understand what my mother had been telling me all those years.  My relationship with God made me see that He was my Father and that what He thought of me was so amazing.  He loved me so much, and I couldn’t understand it. He found me so breathtaking and enjoyable to be around. He cherished my thoughts, words, creativity, and everything that made me, Chicki.   His love for me was undying and He only wanted me to realize that I was worthy of it, because I was His daughter.

When I began to understand just a fraction of that, I began to love who I was. I began to see everything I had internalized in the past was a lie. It was something that could have destroyed me if I didn’t get on the same page as God. I now know that I am in fact amazing, and with everyday I’m only getting better. My loving Father in heaven is the reason.  My journey continues, but now I have a different perspective.  I’m seeing life through different eyes and it’s remarkable.

This affected me on every level. It made me a much more inspired and creative person. It's crazy how much your creativity can be hindered if you aren't in the right place mentally and emotionally. Some people can use those negative feelings to create their art, but for others it can really stifle you.  I was thankful for a brand new outlook on life and a fresh lease on my creativity.   

Something that really helped me through that time, was God's words. The Bible is just a book of love and direction for our lives.  I wanted to share some of the scriptures that really helped to uplift me when I felt down.

I created an awesome printable of 10 Uplifting Scriptures, just for you Gem.  Hopefully they can be a as big a help to you as they were for me. Click the button below to get your Free printable now. 

What is a journey story from your life?  Tell me about it in the comments below.