5 Amazing Ways to Express Yourself Creatively Now (free Template!)

5 Amazing Ways to Express Yourself Creatively Now (free Template!) www.prettiebirdie.com

Using your creativity to express yourself is an amazing thing.  It’s an outlet unlike any other.  It truly works wonders and the benefits come full circle.   It helps you to release frustration and anxiety, but it also rewards you by building up your creative muscles.  The more you use your creativity, the more it will grow. Whether you’re using it for work, play, or even therapy the end result will be the same.  You’ll have more creativity and even more of an ability to tap into it.  


1.       Fashion

I think that fashion is really an art form on many different levels.  Although it may not seem that way initially, expressing yourself through your clothes and accessories is a really stimulating creative activity.  Try taking a look in your closet and putting together an outfit that expresses how your feeling in the moment.  Don’t be afraid of trying different colors, prints, and textures. You’ll be really surprised at how much you’re actually using your creative juices.


2.       Dance

Dancing is a great way to express yourself creatively and on top of that it’s a great workout.  Don’t stress about actually knowing how to dance. Just start moving to some of your favorite tunes.  Select songs that might fit the mood you’re currently in and let your body do the talking.


3.       Art Journaling

If you don’t know what Art Journaling is, it’s basically a journal where you combine art and words.  Now don’t think you have to be an artist to do this. You don’t have to actually draw, sketch, or paint anything in it if you don’t want to. You can use different techniques to create the art you put in your journal. You can create collages, use stamps, or even stickers.  It’s really up to you how you go about it.  You combine words with the pictures you create for each journal entry. 


4.       Free Write

Free writing is actually really fun.  What you do here is basically take a piece of paper and start writing down the words that come to you in a stream of consciousness type of way.  Don’t worry about spelling or neatness. Don’t even worry about if you’re using real words. Just write down whatever pops into your head in the moment.  You can continue this for as long as you like and afterwards you can take things a step further and use the words you’ve collected to write a poem or a paragraph about anything you would like.


5.       Cook

Cooking is a tasty way to express yourself creatively.  (See what I did there?)  Seriously though, there are so many different recipes to try that you can cook a meal for every mood.   You can also just forget the recipe and experiment with different ingredients all on your own. People often say that they can taste when something is made with love.  That’s an example of someone expressing themselves through cooking.  The main thing is to just have fun with this and as you create your meal, you’ll also be stimulating your creativity.


Creativity is such a powerful thing. That’s why even people that may not be creatives by nature desire to find ways to incorporate more of it into their daily lives.  It is a driving force behind so many things we do in life and always makes each day brighter and more fulfilling.  When you find new ways to channel that creativity to express yourself, there are many benefits. 

Don’t be afraid to step out there and try something new.   Let me know if you tried any of the ones on the list above. I’d love to hear all about it.

Sometimes we need a little nudge in the right direction to get us to take action.  I created a fun little template for you to use to keep up with the creative activities you do. This will really help you to start to see the benefits of your activities.  Click the button below to get your FREE Creative Journaling Template.


What things do you do to express yourself through creativity? Tell me in the comments below.