I absolutely love looking at a good color palette. Colors are a really big source of inspiration and creativity for me, so I tend to immerse myself in them.  On one of these occasions, I happened upon the best site!  It’s definitely a go to when I’m in need of a little color inspiration. If you’re ever in need of a fun way to grab some color inspiration, you’re in luck. Today I’m sharing my favorite website that lets you get all color palette crazy! is a website that allows you to create your own color palettes.  It’s actually pretty darn amazing. 

Here’s how it works:

Set up an account and with a touch of your space bar, you are instantly on your way to generating tons of different color palettes.  You can keep hitting that space bar until you notice a color palette that catches your eye.  If there is anything you like, simply save the palette or export it.   Once you save your palette it’s there for you whenever you’d like to check it out again.  If you choose to export it, you can do so in PNG, PDF, SCSS, SVG formats or copy the permanent URLs. 

One of the features that I really enjoyed was the option to pick colors and lock them in. That way I was able to create color palettes that would work with colors that I already loved.  Something like this is perfect if you wanted to select brand colors.   I locked in one of my brand colors and created various color palettes around it. It was seriously addictive. You can build a color story around one color to find other shades that compliment it.  It will send your creativity into overdrive.

If you decide that you don’t want to hit the space bar and generate a color palette of your own, you are still in luck!  Simply click the explore option and you will be taken to premade color palette heaven. This is a section that allows you to check out color palettes created by the other users.  You can also add different filters to search by, in order to pull up color palettes that fit whatever you are looking for at the time.


Other super Cool Features:

You can drag the colors in your palettes into different slots so you can view certain colors next to one another.

You can upload images that contain colors you absolutely love and create a color palette from it.

You can customize your colors by temperature, hue, saturation, and brightness; just to name a few options.

Coolors is also available in an app!

You can install the Adobe Add-on for Photoshop and Illustrator and have Coolors in there too!

You have access to your color palettes wherever you go cause all of your creations are saved in the cloud.

Here are some of my lovely creations:

Color Pallette.jpg



Coolors is any creatives’ dream come true. It really allows you to experience and play with colors in a truly unique and inspiring way!  Now go ahead and get color palette crazy yourself!

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