Hi gems, I'm Chicki!


Hey Gems!    My name is Chicki, and I help purpose driven writers, bloggers, and creatives tap into the creativity they posses inside in order to keep producing awe-inspiring work.  I absolutely love helping people, because I really feel that is the common purpose that all humans share.  I am a child of God, crazy about my family, a lover of the arts (which includes fashion because I believe that fashion is an art form), a fan of domestic arts, kind of into health and fitness, and ultimately a work in progress.  I want to make an impact on this world and each day I'm living now is dedicated to finding out how I will do that. I've made a lot of mistakes in my life and I'm not going to stop. It's a part of life.  It's part of my journey.  The most important thing is to learn from those mistakes. I'm living life day by day; growing and  discovering my destiny each step of the way.  

 My first love is writing, well let me rephrase that.  My first love was words. I fell in love with words very early on and this caused me to be a crazy reader growing up. I seriously inhaled books.  The more I read, the more I decided that I wanted to create my own words and shape them into stories. In time, I fell for poetry. I enjoyed how much you could say with so little.  I guess I really liked the minimalist aspect of poetry.  In my pursuit of words, I took up English Literature in college with a focus on creative writing.  Through the years, writing has been my profession and my consistent love affair.   

I've learned so much about life, creativity and what it means to want to not only use your words to touch people, but to make money while doing it.  To be the kind of writer you want to be, being inspired and creative is a must.  That's where I come in. I'm going to help you find the creativity that lives inside you, and show you how to access it whenever you need. 

I hope you guys will  love this place and share with me  as well.  I want to be helpful to anyone that might come across my little piece of the world wide web, so if you have questions please ask!  I don't know everything but I promise to always be sincere, try my best to give you the best information and advice I have, always be honest and maybe we can learn some things together.  What I do know without a shadow of a doubt, is that I am incredibly blessed.   I know that God loves us and that He wants us to be there for each other, so let's do that.   Jesus Christ has done some amazing things in my life.  He gets all the glory. Without Him I am nothing. With Him I can do anything.




What's a Purple Diamond? 

You…me…all of us are.  Let me explain. The color purple is often associated with royalty, nobility, luxury, power, and ambition. Purple also represents  wealth, extravagance, creativity, wisdom, dignity, grandeur, devotion, and pride.  Diamonds are of course precious stones. They are extremely hard, strong and amazingly beautiful.  To find a colored diamond is extremely rare and very valuable.  That’s the way I believe that God sees us.  He sees us as that finished product; that beautiful purple diamond.  The problem is we often don’t see ourselves in the same way that God does.  We put ourselves through so much in this life all because we do not understand our worth. We don’t understand how much God wants for us and how much He sees in us.  He deposited so much greatness in each and everyone of us. He just wants us to realize how precious and valuable we are. He wants us to live our life the fullest extent, and for each of us to discover our destines.  It often takes a lifetime to figure this out.  If we are blessed enough, we get it before that…we are able to grasp a fraction of that concept.   The life events that take us there is our journey.  Your purple diamond journey gets you to the point where you see yourself as God sees you.

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